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Holter Monitoring

This special monitor records your hearts electrical activity for a period of 24, 48 or 72 hours depending on the request of a Physician. The test is usually performed because your Physician suspects an abnormal heart rhythm as the cause of your symptoms.

Common reasons include dizziness, fainting, fluttering or palpitations. Often these tests are performed to monitor the efficacy of drugs to control heart rhythm.

Male patients may have to have small areas of the chest shaved. The skin is prepared by rubbing firmly with alcohol and then rubbing with special abrasive paper. 5 electrodes are placed on the skin. The wires are connected to the monitor, which is about the size of a “Walkman”. This records the rhythm electrocardiogram. You will be provided with a diary to record symptoms, this diary will then be able to be correlated with your heart rhythm. You must record the type of symptom and the time.

Do not take a bath, shower or swim while wearing the monitor. Avoid dropping or knocking the monitor.

You must return the monitor the following day along with your diary. The diary must be returned whether or not you have made an entry. Once the monitor has been removed you must have a good wash as the electrode sites may cause skin irritation. If irritation continues for more than 4 days contact your Physician.

Your Doctor will receive a report by mail within 2 weeks.