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24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

This is a device which measures your blood pressure automatically. The device is activated every half hour from 7am to 10pm and every hour from 10pm to 7am. When the device is first activated it will inflate to a high level and may cause some discomfort. Once the machine has learned the average blood pressure measurements it will not inflate as high.

Sometime the cuff may inflate several times over a short period. This is usually because the device is having difficulty recording an accurate measurement. Sometimes this is corrected by repositioning the cuff.

The following day when the monitor is removed it will be processed immediately by computer and the verbal report will be given to you immediately. A formal written report will be sent to your Physician by mail. Your Physician will receive the report within 10 days. If necessary the reports can be FAXed to the referring Physician. This is decided by the reporting Physician based on the blood pressure results.