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Murray F. Matangi MB ChB, FRACP, FRCPC, FACP, FACC.

Dr Matangi is a Cardiologist from New Zealand who has been in the field of Cardiology since 1979. Dr Matangi’s basic medical training was from the University of Otago, NZ, graduating in 1975. Initial General Internal Medicine and Cardiology training was at the University of Otago, followed by Cardiology training at GreenLane Hospital at the University of Auckland, NZ and then a Cardiology Research Fellowship at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, USA.

Dr Matangi came to Canada in 1984 to the University of Saskatchewan, Regina and then to Queens University in Kingston in 1987. Dr Matangi left Queens University in 1994 and founded the Kingston Heart Clinic.



Daniel Brouillard MD, FRCPC.

Dr Brouillard is a Rheumatologist and a General Internist. Dr Brouillard joined the Clinic in September 1997. Dr Brouillard’s basic medical training was from the University of Ottawa. He graduated in 1987.



Dr Rene Barette MD, FRCPC.

Dr Barette is a Nuclear medicine specialist from Belleville who will now be working with KHCNVL. Dr. Barette is the QA advisor for KHCNVL.


Dr Gerald Adams, MD, FRCPC.

Dr Adams is an interventional cardiologist at KGH  who has moved his outpatient cardiology practice to KHC. 


Dr Marbin Cases, MD, FRCPC.

Dr Cases is a level III Echocardiographer who has joined KHC, and will provide general cardiology services with special expertise in ECHO.


Dr Kevin Michael, MBChB, Mphil, MD, FESC, FCP (SA).

Dr Michael is an electrophysiologist who will provide specialty arrhythmia service to Kingston, Peterborough and to his homeland in South Africa.


Dr Jeffrey Wilkinson, MD, FRCPC.

Dr Wilkinson is a general cardiologist with level II training in nuclear cardiology.


Dr Ursula Jurt MD, FRCPC.

Dr Jurt has transferred her KHC outpatients to the care of Dr. Wilkinson. Dr. Jurt will continue to provide KHC with her ECHO reading services.