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Looking forward to 2018

2017 is now past and we look forward to the future.

KHC has undergone major transformations in 2017 with medical, technical and nursing staff. I believe we have reached an equilibrium which should allow KHC to provide consistent, prompt, high quality cardiology services well into the future. 

There are, however, some significant difficulties to negotiate,

There is little feedback regarding the OHIP fee negotiations between the OMA and the MOHLTC. I remain very concerned about our ability to absorb any further cardiology fee cuts. In fact, I believe all of Ontario’s MDs have been subsidizing Ontarians’ healthcare for a decade now and this has to cease.

The MOHLTC OHIP fee reductions since 2008 and the MOHLTC unilateral OHIP fee reductions since 2012 have had a major impact on our ability to provide cardiology services and indeed, our very existence. There are some services we have dropped completely, as too costly because of the low OHIP fees, and other services which we have deliberately restricted for the same reason. The days of KHC being able to provide all outpatient cardiology services irrespective of the OHIP fee paid are long gone. We used to rationalize that the low fees were tolerable because we could make up the difference with the better compensated fees. That rationale no longer exists.

Since 2008 there have been some major fee reductions, ECG: $16.59 to $10.56, (-36%). PAD testing: $158.60 to $39.94, (-74%). Carotid imaging: $124.20 to $76.15, (-39%). Also since 2015 there has been a 25% reduction in all ECHO and Nuclear professional fees and a 7% reduction in technical OHIP fees for those services. To these OHIP fee reductions one can add the monthly 4.5% across the board “clawback” reduction in all OHIP fees payed by the MOHLTC which has been in place since 2016. This monthly 4.5% clawback results in $498,000,000.00 in free annual services provided by Ontario MDs. There is no other group of professionals who would put up with this sort of financial penalty?