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KHCNVL has PAD disease paper accepted for publication.

Dr David Armstrong, now an internal medicine resident in Toronto has a long association with KHC with respect to office based research. This association dates back to 2006. Dave with the aid of our vascular RN Collen Tobin and cardiologist Dr Matangi have had a paper accepted for publication in the journal, Clinical Cardiology. The paper, using multivariate analysis, shows the importance of the lowest ABI as the best predictor of an abnormal ABI response to exercise in patients with normal resting ABIs. Other pre-exercise predictors included, claudication, femoral bruits, and smoking. Exercise duration was a post-exercise predictor. The lowest ABI is, traditionally, never reported. We have always believed that the conventional ABI informs an MD about lower leg perfusion. When the traditional ABI is normal, the lowest ABI, when abnormal gives an MD evidence of lower limb atherosclerosis. The lowest ABI is abnormal in 15% of patients with a conventionally normal ABI.